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Youth Face Mask

$12 CAD

Non essential face masks are needed more than ever to continue our reduction of virus spread. In the early months of Covid we teamed up with Country Patchworks to create masks in an effort to support our community and allow for medical grade PPE to be dedicated to first responders. 

Back then we worked closely to figure out the perfect pattern, fit and a way to optimize production with our very own laser equipment. These masks are a true combined effort of brands working together to help our community. 

With a higher need for masks we are now able to open up production to the general public. We want to ensure we continue to support our community so a portion of the proceeds from these masks will be used to donate masks to local schools for kids that may not have a means to buy reusable masks. 

Purchase 3 or more masks and get a 13% discount

Reusable, machine washable. Let's reduce disposable when possible

Made out of 100% cotton to offer the tightest fabric weave

Elastic hoops around the ears

Available in one youth size - 11 to 18 yrs

Pre-washed fabrics

Locally made in Oxford County